Schmidt + Partner Helps You To Succeed With Your Succession Plan


Schmidt + Partner has access to the know-how from 200+ successfully conducted transactions across various branches. From this experience, the ideal project procedure has been derived and a variety of tactical procedure patterns have been developed.

Due to the long-term experience in transactions, contacts to several hundred strategic investors and to all relevant investment and venture capital companies have been established. The right prospective buyers are identified from three sources:
a) contacts to strategic investors
b) contacts to investment and venture capital companies
c) specialized international data bases

Especially for medium-sized companies, a strict confidentiality is of the highest priority: neither customers, nor suppliers or staff must learn about the intention to sell. Every bit of information on the company to be sold will be treated by Schmidt + Partner with the utmost discretion, each information intended for prospective buyers will be approved by the principal prior to forwarding.

Obligated only to the Principal

Schmidt + Partner is obligated only to the principal and has no economic relationship to any big companies, investment companies or banks. Schmidt + Partner is completely independent.

Available and Committed
The selling process requires unconditional commitment and availability. Only this permanent engagement and the constant review of the course of action - the latter may change during the several months a project lasts - guarantees for the best possible closing.

Four-eyes Principle
Every selling project will be supervised by two partners. One partner is the direct contact and consultant of the principal in situ, the second partner acts as a sparring partner for the first partner and as his back-up/substitute.

Negotiating Abilities

Generally, and with little exceptions, a transaction takes at least 6 months, in the last third of which only a few offers remain, probably only one. Tactical course of action, strong nerves and personal negotiating skills are crucial to achieve best results.

Spanning various Classes of Business
Similar to a tax adviser, who counsels companies of all branches with regard to the tax framework that is identical for all companies, Schmidt + Partner counsels companies of all branches with respect to the typical scope of action during a transaction (see Procedure).